Our Quality Policy

The managerial staff is composed of people who work with self-devotion in order to achieve the goals, who are dynamic, open-minded, who have already comprehended the modern working principles and who have believed the power of being a team.

It gives a chance to its employees to develop themselves and to take new responsibilities.

It makes continuous training plans in order to spread and adopt the awareness of quality to its employees.

It provides improvement of the general performance as a constant goal of the organization.

It provides the service regularly by meeting the customer needs and provisions of current legal legislation.

It always makes its customers feel that they are supplied by a service at the same quality level and thus increases the customer satisfaction.

It gives the highest priority to the principles of Occupational Health and Safety in all of the works it executes.

It takes all the precautions to decrease the effects, which would harm the environment and human health, to minimum levels, during the planning and execution of works.