Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The most important priority of Centaş is occupational health and safety.
It takes serious precautions and it always improves that, to minimize all kinds of damages by creating a safe and healthy working environment.
Main principles of our Occupational Health and Safety Policy are as follows;All kinds of accidents, events and physical injuries may be prevented.
It makes Occupational Safety Analysis before starting to any work.When there is a foreseen danger during the analysis process, it does not start to work before abolishing the danger or before maintaining the control.
It holds the emergency case procedures as ready in order to minimize the damages in case of any accident.
It takes new precautions to prevent the repetition of accidents and it makes analysis.
Centaş applies on-the-job training, planned training, courses and working area inspections religiously by taking those principles into consideration, in order to increase the competence of its employees related to the awareness of Occupational Health and Safety.It promises to develop Occupational Health and Safety plans before starting to a new activity.
Those plans are made in accordance with the final work completion goals mentioned in customer’s specifications and legal needs of Occupational Health and Safety policies.